UNDBIO research efforts are geared towards accelerating access to affordable Insulin, Insulin Analogs & other Biosimilars (Monoclonal Antibodies).

  • Our focus is to develop affordable products and market tough-to-make products which are likely to be very expensive.

  • Our Unique strength and capabilities allow us to improve accessibility of these medicines.

  • Our Patient Centric approach will best address the unmet needs of the Patients

  • Our R&D strives towards UNDBIO Philosophy of "Saving Human Lives"

Pathway to Success

  • Step 01 Competitive edge

    Development of new products with Intellectual property

  • Step 02 Collaboration

    Acquire skills. knowledge, and access to facilities, expertise and potentially new ideas that would bring synergy to the portfolio

  • Step 03 Reputation

    Build a strong reputation and partnerships across the globe with strong scientific acumen which results in commercial success of the products