Renovation business subject from pharma distribution business to sales and pharmaceutical manufacturing business

    • 2023

      23.02.15Ethanol extract powder of the root of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge Health functional ingredient certificate

    • 2022

      22.02.28Successfully developed Insulin Glargine Sample

      22.04.08Successfully developed Human Insulin Sample

      22.05.15Successfully developed Insulin Lispro Sample

      22.10.18Groundbreaking Ceremony of Laboratory in the U.S.A. (maryland)

    • 2021

      21.06.20Establishment of Insulin & Insulin Analogs development Laboratory

    • 2020

      20.01.01Launch food supplement : Sam & Sam capsule (Menopause)

      20.02.01Launch food supplement UND-OIL Capsule (Blood circulation)

      20.05.30Groundbreaking Ceremony of Gangnueng pharma Factory

    • 2019

      19.03.01Launching consignment business

    • 2018

      18.03.19Changed the company’s name from UNDPHARM to UNDBIO

      18.05.25Completion of construction of UNDBIO company building

      18.06.29 Established UNDBIO Gwanggyo R&D Center

      18.10.08Establish MOU with Gachon University to joint study

      18.11.06Establish MOU with Chung-Ang University to joint study

      18.11.19Establish MOU with Kyung Hee University to joint study

    • 2017

      17.11.12Groundbreaking ceremony for UNDPHARM building construction

    • 2010

      10.03.16Founded the Joint stock company “UNDPHARM”